piping boilermaking titanium stainless steel nickel


For more than 25 years, our company ERTAP  specialized in designing and manufacturing of equipments & skids, pilots line and fluid utilities. Our fields of expertise allow us to work the stainless steel – Uranus an Duplex included – as well as special alloys such as Titanium and Chrome – Nickel steel. We also design component forms and plastic or Teflon coated steel sets.

Thanks to this expertise acquired for many years, we constantly develop new solutions for our clients. Therefore, we are able to bring full solutions  from designing to manufacturing pieces – machined if necesary – and provide sets or undersets integrated. Depending on the size of the projects, we now use the 3D lasergrammetry for a fast and precise plans drawing.

Our fields of operation :

  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnolohgy
  • Medica Devices
  • Food industry
  • Chemistry/Petrochemistry
  • Paper industry
  • Environment/Energy
  • Research
  • Miscellaneous

The alloys we work on :

  • Stainless & Duplex steels
  • Special steels : Titanium, Chrome – Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Incolloy, Hastelloy
  • Plastics (PVC, PE, PP, PVDF, PFA)
  • PTFE Coated Steel

The services we propose :

  • Piping : water loops, Process (water, steam, vacuum, solutions, alcohol, solvent), Bridging Table, Manifold, Sets, Utilities (water, steam, vacuum, solutions, alcohol, solvent)
  • Skids : Stretcher manufacturing, Equipments assembling, Pumping and filtering skids
  • Pilot line : Tanks, process, components form
  • Structures : Stairs, Shelves, Launch pads
  • Maintenance/Grids
  • Sets, Pressure vessels